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It's in the Stars

I am no astrology expert.

I did not choose my husband based on our star compatibility, and I haven't ever rearranged my plans according to a horoscope. I don't even have any cute astrology jewelry (which is really a shame and something I should change).

While I definitely identify with my star sign—Sagittarius, though because I'm on the cusp, I am also known as a Sagicorn—and my coworkers and I LOVE reading our daily horoscopes (We swear by the AstroTwins), I don't take it too seriously.

That is, until this most recent Mercury Retrograde hit.

And jeez Louise, did it make me a believer.

Do you want to know what's all happened this past month?

I agreed to a too-big side project and got in way over my head. Yikes. Do you know what you're supposed to avoid during a Mercury Retrograde? Contracts and agreements! Amateur move.

I fell off our front porch one morning and rolled my ankle. It hurt so bad, I swear I blacked out. Thankfully, it was 6:30am, and no neighbors witnessed my tragic state.*

We had a burst pipe on the exact day my horoscope told me I should expect plumbing problems (SAY WHAT), which equaled a whole lot of water damage. No easy fix, this water damage became the bane of our existence during the entire Mercury Retrograde.

Water restoration was called in, and they came bearing horrifically loud dehumidifiers and jackhammers. All four members of the household were miserable, but I think Dewey was the most upset.

Here is what we lost because of the water damage: our bathroom floor, the bottom half of our bathroom walls, half of our kitchen ceiling, and half of our kitchen cabinets.

Oh! And plaster bits continually rain down on our stovetop now from the giant hole in the ceiling. Nice.

I made this ice cream sandwich recipe which was supposed to wow and amaze everyone during a Fourth of July bash ("So festive! So delicious!"), and they melted into pathetic blobs. I blame Mercury Retrograde.**

As you can see, this Mercury Retrograde put our household through the wringer (or at least through a construction zone and a handful of stressy breakdowns).

Here is hoping August brings with it home repairs and all sorts of sunny goodness.

Happy (almost) end of Mercury Retrograde!!!

It can only go up from here, right? ;)

*This technically happened before the Mercury Retrograde, but since my ankle is still swollen, I think we all know where the blame lies.

**Again, this technically happened just before, but since it was on the cusp... I'm pretty sure it counts.

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