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  • Jenna Beall

People Who Impress Me

Drivers who can make a left-hand turn on a four-lane street.

Those who immediately understand how to work both the vacation rental's shower and coffeemaker.

Toddlers, children, teenagers, adults... Anyone who fluently speaks more than one language.

Mindful, intuitive eaters.

Anyone who can French braid.

People who have established a budget (and follow it, too).

Bibliophiles who have Marie Kondo'd their bookshelves.

Electricians, plumbers, contractors, mechanics, hairdressers, dentists, nurses—essentially anyone who is good with their hands.

Also, anyone who is good with numbers. (Shoutout to my accountant: You rock!!!)

Quick-witted conversationalists.

Guys and gals who call rather than text. (I am married to one of these mythical creatures.)

Dog lovers who aren't tempted every second of every day to adopt "just one more."

Shoppers who see the Anthropologie "40% off sale" email and simply press "delete." (Those are super human restraint skills—someone get those to President Trump the next time he wants to Tweet.)

Women who don't have to wash their hair every day. ("Have you tried dry shampoo?" you're saying now, and I promise you I have. Those powders and sprays are no match for fine, dirty blonde hair. But it's okay. I look relatively okay in a baseball hat.)

Easy-going free spirits who can simply "go with the flow." What is that even like???

And finally, Ina Garten—from her breezy use of the word "fabulous" to her crisp button-ups and beautifully prepared dishes. Absolute perfection.

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