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  • Jenna Beall

This is a love letter.

Dear Mr. Clean Magic Eraser,

I've never loved a cleaning product the way I love you.

A stubborn scuff on the stairs? A long-forgotten splash of tomato sauce stuck to the kitchen cabinet? Malicious mold (I think) in the bathtub?

You conquer them all.

"Magic!" I will literally exclaim, as I swipe you across a mark I previously thought indomitable.

Today though, today you really amazed me. Long have I scrubbed at the hard water marks across our shower door, and no amount of "put your back into it" or chemicals helped.

But that all changed this morning, when I finally put you to the task.

I watched in awe as you slew the monster, showing it who was king.

I mean, seriously—when was the last time my doors shined like this?

We may currently have no bathroom floor and only part of our bathroom walls, but gosh darn it, we have a clean shower.

So thank you, Mr. Clean.

You have my admiration, my loyalty, and my heart.



Note: Procter & Gamble did not pay me to write this letter because I'm neither important nor famous.

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