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"Ya mas to Yannis!": Greece 2019

Delicious, fresh food. Jaw-dropping vistas. Extraordinarily kind people.

These are the three things I'll remember most about our time in Greece.

Here are some other happenings and highlights of our time there:

1. It was our first time flying Air Canada. "Everything is nicer in Canada," I said with the ignorance of a person who has never flown Air Canada. Our biggest complaint? There were no screens in the headrests for our 9- and 11-hour flights. Luckily, I had planned on reading the entire trip and Adam had brought his laptop for work purposes, but if not? We would have been SOL.

2. The Acropolis is awing—and very, very slippery. Since you're walking on marble pathways most of the time, sneakers with excellent traction are key! My Keds had me sliding all over the place and not in a graceful way like Michelle Kwan or JVN.

3. We ate a Greek salad with almost every, single meal. These Greek salads were totally unlike their Americanized versions and so freaking good.

Chicken gyro and Greek salad: NOM!

4. We lived on a sailboat from Sunday night through Friday afternoon. Even though our captain could have handled sailing the boat by himself, he let us help by teaching us various techniques and skills during the day. It was a little intimidating sometimes (my family is not very outdoorsy, nor are we good with our hands) but so much fun!

5. Here are the Greek isles we visited during our sailing trip: Aegina, Poros, Perdika, Epidavros, and Vathy. We also swam in Russian Bay and Moni, and we snorkeled through the Deserted City. Every island had its own personality, and it was so special getting to explore these Mediterranean towns.

6. I've never seen so many shades of blue before, and now I would like to paint every wall in my house. Blue, blue, blue.

7. Bougainvilleas are SO BEAUTIFUL! OMG!

8. Since the sailboat didn't have any AC, showering in its bathroom sounded a tad Les Miserables. Instead, we opted to pack up our toiletries and use the beachside showers (which is slightly hillbilly-ish). The water was cold, but the view was fab!

9. I ate Kinder gelato every chance I got. And then I had the audacity to be shocked by my weight at my recent physical.

Enjoying my gelato on the front of the boat.

10. While checking out at a pistachio shop, the associate looked at Adam and said, "I know you from somewhere."

Adam replied, "It's actually my first time here."

The associate narrowed his eyes, "I know! You're famous, aren't you?"

I sighed, "You think he's the Parks and Rec guy, right?"

For the record, no one thought I was someone famous.

"My grandpa calls me Jenna Bush!" I wanted to feebly add.

11. Every Greek person we met was friendly, kind, and helpful. Plus, they often brought us free shots or desserts with dinner. This is hospitality at its finest.

12. Speaking of friendly Greek people, my most favorite night of the trip was in Aegina. Adam, our friend, Meg, and I ate at a Cretan restaurant and had a server named Yannis, who would soon be spending two months in America visiting relatives in Philadelphia (Almost every person we met in Greece had relatives in Philly BTW). Not only was Yannis wonderful—when he brought us free shots, we exclaimed, "Ya mas to Yannis!"—but so was the food and live music. A few Australian and Greek gals got Meg and me to join them dancing, and we had a blast!!!

13. When Adam and I checked into a hotel for our final night in Greece, an extremely athletic-looking couple stopped us and asked if we were also part of the REI tour. We were immensely flattered. Must have been all that sun and sailing! #TannedAndToned

14. Speaking of our final hotel, do you want to do know what we did on our very last night in Greece? We ate giant slices of pizza and European candy in our hotel room while watching The Great Outdoors. This is one of the many reasons why I love my husband and know we're a perfect match.

We should be embarrassed.

Basically, Greece rocks. And if you'd like to see it by sea, I highly recommend Nisi Sailing, which is the company we used.

If I can spend five days sailing the Mediterranean Sea, trust me when I say you can, too!

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